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Need the membership cost approved by the Board of Trustees or want to read more in your own time. Download the CEO Hacks Course and Membership Information here. 

The cost of learning on the job is enormous each year, in missed funding opportunities, social change and mistakes. Our programme is set up to make leadership inclusive for everyone at a price that won't break even a small charity's budget. 

The programme includes online course modules, a private online community, weekly coaching sessions, lectures and webinars. In addition, access to two CEO Conferences each year and the Eclat Fellowship. 

We have everything you need - expert coaches, trainers, tutors and lecturers all in one place. It is a mini MBA without the put unnecessary pressure on you with being a CEO, you are already busy enough. 

All designed with the flexibility to fit around your current commitments. 

CEO Only Web Community

Inclusive community of CEOs, within the protected membership area where you can form peer networks with other leaders.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each week you will have access to a live leadership coach who will run group coaching sessions in the community.

Webinar and Lectures

Week webinars from our team of experts and exceptional CEO's who share secrets for getting your charity to the top.

Annual Conferences

Two online conferences per year for Charity CEO's sharing best practice and ways charities found hacks to challenges. 

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CEO Virtual Conference 20:20 Getting Clear on the route ahead on Tuesday 11th August 2020

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