Eclat Fellowship 

We named the Eclat Fellowship (pronounced Ec-la) because of Eclat being the French verb 'to burst out' and in English means "social distinction or conspicious success" and "to brilliant display and effect".

We reward all of our participants who complete the course with a completion rate of over 80% with the Eclat Fellowship, providing that they also meet the course panels selection criteria.

Qualities we look for in Eclat Fellows, is commitment to personal and professional growth as a charity CEO and demonstrating you have engaged in the course and community, and that as a result you have achieved transformational change in your organisation and community. To be considered at the end of the course for the Eclat Fellowship, and to become a permanent Eclat Fellow, you must fill out the
statements at the end of the final module.

We award Eclat Fellowships in July 2021, and those becoming awarded will be the founding fellows.

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