Charity CEO Conferences

Tuesday 11th August 2020 10:00 - 11:30 (Virtual Event)

About this Event

The Centre for Social Change is launching a new programme for Chief Executives of small charities, and in celebration of this we are marking our launch with a free conference,

"20:20 Chief Executives Conference on the road ahead"

In the conference, you will gain insights and tasters into tools for putting you ahead in your charity's recovery plan from COVID 19, gain insight into what has worked in previous recessions, and learn about the programme we have put together for Eclat Fellowship to support CEO's through this vulnerable time, an online learning platform, Chief Executive Coaching programme, and transformational leadership platform designed for CEO's by CEO's.

By the end of this conference you'll have:

  1. A strategy for fighting the emotional overwhelm of leading a charity through the pandemic
  2. A set of organisational priorities that will make you head and shoulders above the rest and give you a competitive advantage
  3. Have mastered which new sources of funding you can use to replace income lost from events in 2020.

The conference brings together expert speakers from across the sector.


Anna Day is Founder of the Centre for Social Change, and has had a 17 year successful career in the charity sector, and has been leading charities since 2010. Anna has raised over £17m for charities, and worked managing infrastructure bodies, providers and in the public sector. Anna is a self confessed charity nerd and font of all knowledge when it comes to income generation, and she led on a workforce development project for the Children's Workforce Development Council in the 2010 cuts to rescue scores of charities from the brink of collapse successfully.

We have over 14 speakers coming and more to be announced shortly.

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CEO Conference 20:20 Getting Clear on the route ahead on Tuesday 11th August 2020. 

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