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Our vision and mission

CEO Hacks for nonprofit leaders and changemakers is the professional body for small charity CEO's in the UK. We support chief executives through leadership training, peer support; best practice and governance advice, education and networking and we champion and promote the role of chief executive as a opportunity for career progression. We are a for profit, for good social enterprise, which means we reinvest our funds in good causes and furthering the quality and skills development available for chief executives throughout the sector. We know other bodies exist out there, but what we do differently is:

  • Provide career development specifically for you as a chief executive 
  • We don't charge loads of hidden extras, one payment covers all emergency crisis coaching, group coaching, all your training throughout the year with our expert trainers, and automatic entry in year 1 to our fellowship. Unlike other leadership bodies, we incorporate CEO conferences covering topics you vote on sourcing the best trainers in the market, at no extra costs.
  • Unlike other professional bodies, we are specifically focused on CEO's who are usually wearing multiple hats and have few or no senior reports underneath them, which means as CEO's they must devote their time to learning all aspects of management, for example fundraising, operations management, strategy, leadership and people management.
  • We offer you an MBA like experience whilst just focusing on the absolute core of all the skills you need to manage charities effectively. Think of us as taking care of helping you meet all aspects of the competencies required to be a CEO. Unlike some agencies, that just focus on leadership, we look specifically at the entire spectrum of skills required to be a CEO. 
  • We are a non-campaigning organisation, which means we can focus on the needs of our membership, rather than political or social agendas. But we do support you to become extremely efficient and effective ambassadors of social change, and equip  you with the skills to start movements.
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About our Founder

I’m Anna Day, the Founder of the Centre for Social Change and I conceived the CEO Hacks project. I founded the business back in 2008 following a 15 year career in the charity and public sectors, prior to which I had a career in the corporate sector.

I stumbled, like most people into executive leadership when my son was one and I was looking to find ways to move my experience in building programmes nationally back to a local job in the town where as I was from, embarking on my journey back into work as a solo mum.

My first senior management in 2010 job ironically was saving many charities from closure in the 2018 financial collapse, which led to a dramatic bail out of the banks, and in turn, decimation of the funds public sector had traditionally underpinned charities with. I supported the sector with developing crisis strategies, recovering and diversifying their income. That year, we moved charities to new income strategies and from deficit to profit in record time.

Just six months later, I was promoted to lead the infrastructure body I was consulting on behalf of, after the chief executive resigned following the decimation of their own funds as a result of public sector cuts. Thrown into chief executive life for the first time whilst studying a Masters was immense, and very tough as a mum of a one year old at that time. 

I latterly moved into larger and larger CEO roles, and felt that my Masters’ had not prepared me for what would latterly unfold as they day to day challenges that unfolded as a chief executive. I learned alot through failures as well as successes. I went on a mission to find training and found what was out there was either vastly overpriced for our charity’s budgets, or hugely time consuming, or both. I eventually found a global programme of women’s leadership in Paulo Alto, Silicon Valley, where I learned from some of the world’s best commercial leaders how to transform and create significant and widespread social change, and became a Fellow in 2015.

Since 2015 I went on to spearhead several movements for social change, and became interested in supporting charities to acquire the leadership skills that help charity CEO’s to perform and excel, to support boards to become critical friends, sounding boards and visionaries for their charities, and helping charities through the tremendous challenges of innovating, scaling up, and creating robust strategies that make them stand out in an ever increasingly competitive space for funds.

Across my career, I have spearheaded largely unknown causes and secured over £17m for new initiatives, from funding Apps, to rolling out volunteering programmes across Further Education, building schools in Africa, to starting mental health movements across a region, from writing fatherhood strategy for the UK, to turning around flailing charities in significant PR or financial crisis.

I founded the Centre for Social Change with a singular vision: to create a reputable home for social change makers across the UK to come for training, be they social entrepreneurs, or chief executives, to individual activists looking to make a difference. Everyone is welcome.  We want every charity and social enterprise to be equipped with the thinking, planning and doing tools that save them from reinventing the wheel, without having to break the bank. We are democratising access to leadership because we believe communities across the UK and our wider society benefit more quickly when you have all the tools at your disposal to do what you do, brilliantly.

We knew that it would be tricky to launch a supremely good programme in an extremely tricky crisis such as COVID 19, which is why we created a fail safe for you. In the programme we have built in ongoing fundraising training throughout the programmes' webinars, leadership development, and course content. We know this programme is going to make you a much better fundraiser, which is why we are putting our money where our mouth is. We are so confident that you will succeed in raising an extra 10 times the amount the course costs (that is £15k or more!!) that we are prepared to refund your ENTIRE membership if the skills you learn don't bring in an extra £15,000 in the next year, making the course ENTIRELY free. We have also created a payment by installments plan and have frontloaded the bulk of the fundraising training in the first three months of the course so we can make you the money just weeks after it has left the bank! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN:

  • We train you in securing large funds for charities 
  • You get even more skills in your skill bank to manage the turmoil of income changes during the pandemic
  • You go on to become even more financially sustainable!
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12 Modules of leadership learning a year integrated into all aspects of charity management.

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What our customers say about us

“ I strongly recommend joining these CEO Meet ups!” Lorna Barker, Country Manager at Jinja Education Trust

” It’s always challenging to spare this time, but it’s proving to be extremely valuable!” Lynn Stanier, MBE, CEO Their Future Today

“Anna has been incredible for me…She comes highly recommended” Lucy Kendall, CEO, Coco

“Thanks got your advice yesterday Anna. Really helpful and already starting to use it!” Charlotte Gilsenan, CEO, Bankside Open Spaces Trust


We love action takers and so we are offering some fantastic opportunities for you to take decisive action now, and by becoming founding members are are offering additional bonuses:

  • 2 hour fundraising strategy call (worth £200.00) helping you to get clear on your fundraising strategy
  • A leadership assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a CEO worth £360.00)
  • An annual, social change planner worth £30.00 to keep all your social change, fundraising and organisational management plans in one place.

This offer is only available for the first 30 places so get in there quickly we are filling up fast!

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