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 The Centre for Social Change provides training for chief executives that is focused on creating leaders that excel their roles, balance their lives, and become comfortable in their own skin whilst becoming a influential, hugely successful leader capable of rapidly growing their charity.


We are specifically for charities with a turnover up to £1m and our focus is on bringing the experience of an MBA into a condensed coaching and mentoring practice.


Our team consists of extraordinary chief executive coaches and trainers with firsthand experience of managing charities, committed particularly to training leaders that are marginalised, particularly black, asian, and female leaders, leaders from less conventional backgrounds and leaders with lived experiences.

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We offer something for every budget at the Centre for Social Change.

We offer free weekly action learning sets for chief executives and run them numerous times a year. We organise a leadership series in which speakers from across the sector, all experts in their own right, come and speak live into our Facebook community, the only Facebook community that is dedicated to providing free training and coaching to charity chief executives.

Our Founder

Anna Day founded our movement in 2020 to respond to the growing crisis in availability of leadership training that is equitably accessed and affordable in the sector.

Anna has an MSc in Civil Society Management, 10 years experience as chief executive, and 17 years experience in the voluntary sector. Anna was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of the Arts in 2018 and she is a Fellow of the Global Women's Leadership Network. Anna has raised £17.5m for causes whilst juggling motherhood as a single mum and creating award-winning services across the UK. Anna won the accolade of being one of the top 100 most successful and influential women in Social Enterprise (2018, Natwest Pioneers Post).

But most importantly, what she offers is what is important:

"I set up this programme to fill an obvious gap in the availability of training for chief executives which crosses the divide between doing a full on Masters, or short, and supremely expensive leadership courses. It combines academic rigour with practical, hands on learned at the coal face leadership development. 

It's never been more important than during the triple whammy of the pandemic, the global recession and Brexit then to have a leadership programme that guides your organisation to move to the extraordinary- it is just not good enough anymore to be a good enough charity- your governance, leadership, and entire charity must be nothing short of excellent to beat the pile of applications that won't get funded. This is about survival of the fittest, and helping as many charities as possible not only to survive but thrive in this climate. Small charities are at the greatest risk, which is why we are prioritising lots of free help to them right now that is every bit as valuable as our paid programmes."

We've called our Coaching Programmes CEO Hacks because they are supposed to make your life easier, your job easier, create better teams, governance and outcomes for your beneficiaries, without you having to learn over many years. We give you all the tools to cut through the noise, and save you ££££ trying to learn each element of the Chief Executive's role effectively.

We have everything- expert coaches, trainers, and changemakers, tutors and lecturers all in one place. A bit like a mini MBA, without the bits that put unnecessary pressure on A CEO who already has a busy workload.  The course is designed to be 100% flexible with all conferences and lectures available on watch again and downloadable learning resources and how to toolkits. Over 200 hours of self paced learning, taken over a year to help develop the Chief Executive in all key aspects.

A community built by CEO's for CEO's, we help Charities change the world, and this starts with excellent and extraordinary leadership, which we teach in spades.

Weekly Modules on Management and Leadership

We cover charity finance, fundraising, policy and influencing, governance, strategy, leadership, managing people, volunteer management, transformational leadership, PR & Crisis management. More Information

CEO Only web community

Get access to a CEO only inclusive community of professionals, and a protected membership area and forums where you can form peer relationships with other change makers. More Information

Weekly leadership coaching

Each week you will have access to a live leadership coach, you will be coached alongside 8-10 other charity chief executives. More Information

 World class leadership webinars 

We offer weekly webinars available both live and watch again with our extraordinary leadership trainers and tutors, inspired speakers and exceptional CEO's who share their secrets for getting their charities to the top. More Information

Two annual conferences for chief executives

We offer two large scale online conferences per year purely for chief executives of charities sharing the very latest in charity management best practice and inspirational ways in which charities found hacks to every day challenges. These are embedded in the price. These can be accessed separately for £79 a place. More Information

Join our free Facebook group

Our free Facebook group for charity chief executives is an ideal home for charity chief executives that need support now but can't afford the fellowship.

"I signed up to this programme because it's incredible value, and the team at Centre for Social Change and CEO Hacks are expert CEO's who have come together to design a programme with us in mind. I think it covers everything we could ever want in a programme! To me it strikes a balance of being an mini MBA with a membership, and ultimately the chance to become a Eclat Fellow, without the hefty price tag of other programmes in the market""

Toby Freeman
Chief Executive, Robin Cancer Trust

"The Centre for Social Change and CEO Hacks has really helped me in my role, I have been chief executive for 25 years and I was having huge problems with my board. Working through their coaching has helped me recover from the brink of leaving, resolve the trustee issues I had and ultimately they held space for me at a very vulnerable point in my career. I hugely recommend them."

Anon. Therapy charity CEO
Chief Executive

"Thank you for so generously sharing your immense knowledge during such a challenging time for small charities, and bringing together a great network of support. I have no hesitation in giving you the highest possible recommendation and look forward to working with you in the future."

Lynn Stanier MBE
Chief Executive - Their Future Today

"Thank you so much for the course today Really appreciate it. The sessions really do help, so thank you!"

Kris Healey
Chief Executive-Spadeworks

"Anna is a motivated, forward-thinking and intelligent social change mentor with lots of knowledge and comprehension in her field. She is an able planner and leads by example truly honoured to be her clients!🙏"

Garad A Garad
Chief Executive - Action Interaction International

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